INT 200A Foundations of Cognitive Science (Fall 2007)

Organizers: Dr. Mary Hegarty and Dr. Russell Revlin (Psychology)
Time: Friday 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. (with the exception of two Thursday talks)
Enrollment Code: 26419

The Interdisciplinary Cognitive Science Seminar will be meeting again this year with participation of graduate students and faculty from many departments. The Fall quarter will examine the historical roots and current scope of Cognitive Science and will include a combination of in-class discussions and guest speakers. After a couple of introductory sessions our discussions will focus on a list of the top 10 papers in the journal Cognitive Science that was compiled by the editorial board of that journal. You can view this list of papers at We will be assisted in our exploration of the field of cognitive science through presentations by Drs. Geisbrecht (Psychology) and Raubel (Geography) and by two guest speakers hosted by the Sage Center for the study of the Mind (Daniel Geschwind and Giulio Tononi).  
Students enrolled in the class will be expected to attend all sessions, participate in discussions and lead the discussion on one of the “top ten” papers. All members of the UCSB cognitive science community (faculty and students) are welcome (encouraged!) to attend any of the sessions. The seminar will meet on Friday afternoon from 3:30-5:00 except on two occasions when we will attend talks hosted by the Sage Center on Thursday.

Please direct questions to hegarty at or revlin at


Sept 28 Introduction and Overview of Cognitive Science

Oct 5 Discussion of top 10 papers (presented by students)

Oct 12 Aaron Zimmerman, Department of Philosophy

Oct 19 Discussion of top 10 papers (presented by students)

Oct 25 (Thursday) Sage Center Talk by Dan Geschwind, UCLA
Title: Genetic Investigation of Human Cognition
Location: Mosher Alumni House, Alumni Hall, 4:00 P.M

Nov 2 Martin Raubal, Department of Geography

Nov 9 Barry Giesbrecht, Department of Psychology

Nov 16 No meeting (due to Psychonomics conference)

Nov 23 Thanksgiving holiday

Nov 29 (Thursday) Sage Center Talk by Giulio Nononi, U. of Wisconsin
Title: An Integrated Information Theory of Consciousness
Location: Mosher Alumni House, Alumni Hall, 4:00 P.M

Dec 9 Discussion of top 10 papers (presented by students)