INT 200A Foundations of Cognitive Science (Fall 2006)

Instructor: Richard E. Mayer (
Time: F 3:30-5:00 pm
Place: Psychology 1314 (SAGE Center for the Study of the Mind)
Units: 2

The purpose of this Cognitive Science Seminar is to familiarize you with the main ideas and topics in the multidisciplinary field of cognitive science, by introducing you to a series of distinguished faculty speakers from the core disciplines of cognitive science. The theme of the Cognitive Science Seminar is the foundations of cognitive science. Each speaker will summarize the main ideas and exemplary research in his or her discipline. As part of the Cognitive Science Seminar, some of the presentations will be speakers who are invited to visit UCSB in conjunction with the SAGE Center for the Study of the Mind, and who will offer their perspectives on the study of the mind. The goal of this speaker series is build an intellectual community of graduate students and faculty who are interested in studying aspects of how the human mind works. No prior experience in cognitive science is required. There is no textbook and no exam. Students will be responsible for attending the talks and writing a brief summary.

Please note the room has changed to Psychology 1314, which is a comfortable conference room in the SAGE Center. Given the meeting time of the seminar, we will provide refreshments. The course is open to all graduate students, including both those who are in the Cognitive Science Program, those who are considering joining the program, and those who simply want to find out more about cognitive science. Interested faculty members are also invited to attend. For questions about this course or about adding the Cognitive Science Emphasis please contact Rich Mayer at mayer at psych dot ucsb dot edu.