Steve Gaulin - Anthropology
Ph.D., Harvard University
Evolutionary, developmental, and neurological bases of spatial cognition

Michael Gurven - Anthropology
Biodemography of human lifespan and aging; social and economic behavior

John Tooby - Anthropology
Ph.D., Harvard University
Evolutional psychology, hominid-behavioral evolution, behavioral ecology, evolutionary genetics


Robin L. Nabi - Communication
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania
the interplay between emotion and cognition in understanding the effects of mediated messages

René Weber - Communication
Ph.D. (Dr. rer. nat.), University of Technology Berlin, Germany
Media Communication, cognitive communication science, research methods & statistics

Computer Science

Kevin Almeroth - Computer Science
Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology
Computer networks and protocols, wireless networking, multicast communication, large-scale multimedia systems, educational technology, and mobile applications

Tobias Höllerer - Computer Science
Ph.D., Columbia University
Human computer interaction; computer graphics; virtual and augmented reality; 3D displays and interaction; visualization; and wearable and ubiquitous computing

Matthew Turk - Computer Science
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Computer vision, human-computer interaction, perceptual user interfaces, imaging systems

Yuan-Fang Wang - Computer Science
Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
Computer vision, computer graphics, artificial intelligence

Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology

Steven Smith - Counseling, Clinical, and School Psychology
Ph.D., University of Arkansas
neuropsychological and personality assessment and the intersection of personality and cognitive processes


Charles Bazerman - Education
Ph.D., Brandeis University
Cultural studies of science and technology, writing in society, rhetoric, discourse theory

Mary E. Brenner - Education
Ph.D., University of California, Irvine
Cultural influences on learning, situated cognition and mathematical cognition

Richard P. Duran - Education
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Cultural psychology, literacy, assessment

Michael Gerber - Education
Ph.D., University of Virginia
Cognitive disabilities/interventions, intelligent instructional systems, educational effects of VR/CAVE applications

Amy Kyratzis - Education
Ph.D., City University of New York
Language and communicative development; gender differences in language;language socialization

Andrew Maul - Education
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Measurement, philosophy of science, research methodology, test validity, Rasch modeling, item response theory, positive psychology, measurement of affective attributes (e.g., perseverance, passion, self-control)

Yukari Okamoto - Education
Ph.D., Stanford University
Educational psychology

Laura Romo - Education
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
Health education and communication, children's understanding of illness and disease transmission

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Edward Chang - Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ph.D., Stanford University
Perception-based multimedia databases, machine learning, interactive TV, Web-based information system.

B. S. Manjunath - Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ph.D., University of Southern California
Image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, neural networks,learning algorithms, content based search in multimedia databases


Sowon Park - English
Ph.D., Oxford University
World literature, neurocognitive literary criticism and theory


Liz Chrastil - Geography
Ph.D., Brown University
Spatial cognition, spatial neuroscience, navigation, cognition and behavior, perception and action

Helen Couclelis - Geography (Professor Emerita)
Ph.D., Cambridge University
Spatial cognition and behavioral geography, urban and regional theory and modeling, planning, the philosophy of science

Krzysztof Janowicz - Geography
Ph.D., University of Münster
Knowledge representation and organization; semantic similarity, analogy, and context; and cognitive semantics

Werner Kuhn - Geography
Dr. sc. techn., ETH Zurich
Usability of spatial information for individual, organizational, and societal problem solving

Daniel R. Montello - Geography
Ph.D., Arizona State University
Spatial perception, cognition and behavior; cognitive aspects of cartography and GIS; environmental psychology and behavioral geography


Mary Bucholtz - Linguistics
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Sociocultural linguistics; language and identity; linguistic representation; language, gender, and sexuality; African American English; American Spanish; language in California

Wallace L. Chafe - Linguistics
Ph.D., Yale University
American Indian linguistics, discourse, spoken and written language

Pat Clancy - Linguistics
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Language acquisition, psycholinguistics, discourse, Japanese and Korean linguistics

John W. Du Bois - Linguistics
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Discourse, sociocultural linguistics, Mayan linguistics

Stefan Th. Gries - Linguistics
Ph.D., University of Hamburg
Corpus and computational linguistics, cognitive linguistics, and construction grammar

Fermin Moscoso del Prado Martin - Linguistics
Ph.D., Radboud University Nijmegen
the intersection between cognitive psychology, linguistics, and statistics

Sandra A. Thompson - Linguistics
Ph.D., Ohio State University
Discourse and grammar, language universals, Chinese linguistics

Media Arts and Technology

Marcos Novak - Media Arts and Technology
M.S., Ohio State University
Media and virtual architecture; transvergence; transarchitecture


Janet Bourne - Music
Ph.D., Northwestern Univeristy

John M. Hajda - Music
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
Perception of musical timbre, cognition of film music and other multimedia, music and communication


Aaron Z. Zimmerman - Philosophy
Ph.D., Cornell University
Self-Knowledge, philosophy of mind, epistemology, psychological concepts,
moral psychology and rationality

Psychological and Brain Sciences

F. Gregory Ashby - Psychological and Brain Sciences
Ph.D., Purdue University
Perceptual and cognitive processes, mathematical psychology

Daniel Conroy-Beam - Psychological and Brain Sciences
Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin
Computational models of mate choice, evolution, agent-based modeling

Leda Cosmides - Psychological and Brain Sciences
Ph.D., Harvard University
Evolutionary psychology, cognition, domain-specific reasoning

Miguel P. Eckstein - Psychological and Brain Sciences
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
Computational models of human vision, visual search, attention, perceptual learning,
perception of medical images

Michael Gazzaniga - Psychological and Brain Sciences
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology
Cognitive neuroscience; brain imaging and anatomy; visual psychophysics

Tamsin German - Psychological and Brain Sciences
Ph.D., University of London
Cognitive and conceptual development: the acquisition of mental state concepts, children's understanding of tool use and artifact function, the relationship between counterfactual thinking and causal reasoning

Barry Giesbrecht - Psychological and Brain Sciences
Ph.D., University of Alberta
Spatial and temporal dynamics of selective visual attention; attention and performance; contextual influences of attention; cognitive neuroscience

Mary Hegarty - Psychological and Brain Sciences
Ph.D., Carnegie-Mellon University
Comprehension, reasoning, spatial cognition, individual differences

Stanley B. Klein - Psychological and Brain Sciences
Ph.D., Harvard University
Social cognition, mental representation of self, memory

Zoe Liberman - Psychological and Brain Sciences
Ph.D., University of Chicago
Cognitive development, social cognition, and social learning in infancy and childhood

Jack M. Loomis - Psychological and Brain Sciences
Ph.D., University of Michigan
Visual space perception, auditory space perception, spatial behavior, spatial cognition

Richard E. Mayer - Psychological and Brain Sciences
Ph.D., University of Michigan
Human learning, problem-solving, educational psychology, human-computer interaction, mathematical and scientific reasoning

Michael B. Miller - Psychological and Brain Sciences
Ph.D., Dartmouth College
Human memory and decision making; cognitive neuroscience; neuroimaging

Russell Revlin - Psychological and Brain Sciences (Professor Emeritus)
Ph.D., Carnegie-Mellon University
Reasoning, psycholinguistics, cognitive processes

Jonathan Schooler - Psychological and Brain Sciences
Ph.D., University of Washington
Consciousness, memory, the relationship between language and thought, problem-solving, and decision-making


Geoffrey Raymond - Sociology
Ph.D, University of California, Los Angeles
The organization of talk in interaction; sociology of science and technology; sociology of mass communication

Religious Studies

Ann Taves - Religious Studies
Ph.D., University of Chicago
Cognition, culture, and religious experience; situated cognition and historical processes; cognitive science of religion